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In the 5.4 decennium, since our inception in 1967, meeting customer expectation has been the hallmark of A.Bond~Strands. From modest beginnings in a small shed to its current multi-country operations

In the 5.4 decennium, since our inception in 1967, meeting customer expectation has been the hallmark of A.Bond~Strands. From modest beginnings in a small shed to its current multi-country operations, the company has had a meteoric rise under the able leadership of our founder Mr. Prabhasa Raya Reddy and later taken over by his disciple son Mr.Ramlinga Raya Reddy. With multiple offices employing 200 personnel and serving the needs of 200 plus clients in over 6 countries, the company has successfully maintained 10% annual growth rate.

A.Bond~Strands specialises in the design, manufacture, sale of switchgear, insulation, and power cable products for industries in the electrical, mining, chemical, textile, defence sectors, etc. Equipped with high precision machinery and a full-fledged laboratory, the company is at the forefront of quality control checks for all its products.

In addition, the company is the Authorized “System House” for ABB India, Electrification Business to sell smart power products and smart building products & Distribution System (RMU) products along with vacuum circuit breaker for their range of medium voltage switchgear up to 36kV and 40kA air insulated switchboards.

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A journey that began in 1967 has seen steady growth as a leading, original manufacturer (OEM). Our products include a large portfolio of custom designed switchgears, insulation, and cable accessories that are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

With pan India customers in mining, manufacturing, state electricity boards and commercial sectors we also export to select customers in the United Kingdom, Australia,China and the Middle East.

Our team of managers, engineers and technicians have in-depth knowledge to develop solutions from concept, to design and implementation.

Our strengths include customer centric approach and technical expertise that have been built over 50 plus years. We are currently building a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility schedule for completion in 2021.

Who We Are

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Meeting Customers’ expectations has been the philosophy of A.Bond~Strands  over its two decades of operations. We are dedicated to finding turnkey solutions and satisfying the needs of customers in the core sectors of Indian industry and committed to providing a robust after sales experience. 

Our Vision

To be the industry benchmark in innovation and product development for the core sectors that we serve.

Our Mission

Providing high quality engineering solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Values

Our values reflect the ethos of the organisation:

Initiative: An entrepreneurial focus to deliver innovative solutions.

Quality: Continuous improvement to deliver quality products.

Integrity: Committed to ethical and fair practices towards employees, suppliers, and clients.

Customer First: Delivering on time and proactive in customer care.

Leadership Team

Managing Director

Mr Reddy received his MBA degree from the U.S. Following a stint as an academician, his entrepreneurial instincts led him to set up ABS. He is responsible for strategy development, operations and marketing management and has been spearheading these portfolios for the past 25 years.


Vibhu Natarajan has extensive experience in various businesses spanning from landscaping, floriculture, furniture & door manufacturing, retail, exports & imports, etc. He is a recipient of the Best Landscaper Award from the Indian Nurserymen Association and has received two export awards from the Ministry of Commerce. He has an MBA from Temple University, Philadelphia, and has over 35 years of experience in small business management.


Mr. Prabhas has completed his Master’s at the University of Warwick. He is looking after the strategic management of the organization.

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