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Welcome to A.Bond ~ Strands

A Bond~Strands is in the field of manufacture of various switchgear, insulation and power cable products and providing engineering services for more than two decades. Our facility has a full complement of high precision machines to fabricate and manufacture various products and has a full-fledged laboratory where we conduct relevant voltage withstand tests.

A-Bond~Strands is multi-product group consisting of following companies. Our business verticals include

  • Switch Gear Division
  • Insulation Division
  • Cable Accessories Division
  • Engineering Services


We manufacture HT On/Off Load Break Switches (Isolators) up to 36kV, load break switches and panels that are extensively used in power plants and distribution networks

Our switchgear products provide:

  • High operating reliability
  • Simple maintenance and inspection
  • High dynamic & thermal strength
  • Tested in CPRI as per IS
  • Special tubular arch chutes
  • Current interruption without visible arcs
  • Simple driving mechanism

These have been tested for impulse and short time rating at Central Power Research Institute, the recognized testing authority in India.

We are one of the major manufacturers for Epoxy products, FRP Tubes, Pneumatic Cylinders and we can manufacture according to customer needs. Our major project insulators include Seal Off Bushings, Roof Bushings, Terminal Boards, Insulating Supports, Wall through FRP Bushings and Cylinders like FRP Tubes, Pneumatic Cylinders.
  • Epoxy Bushings
  • Resin Cast Insulators
  • FRP Tubes & Supports
  • Generator Bushings

Glass Epoxy Cylinders
  • Our Epoxy products provide:
    • Ideal substitute for porcelain in indoor applications
    • Adequate electrical clearances & creepage distance
    • Light weight and less bulky
    • Our FRP products provide
  • Ideal substitute for steel pipes
Light weight, high strength, anti-corrosive properties

We manufacture plugs and sockets, bolted half couplers and adaptors for both high -low voltage ratings with provision for both power and control, Electrical Turning Joints, a rotating member of an equipment to avoid causing twist and fatigue to the cable.

  • Plugs & Sockets
  • Couplers & Adapters
  • Brush Holders, Slip Rings/ ETJ
  • Earth Switches
  • Junction Boxes
  • Pillar Boxes

Our cable accessories provide:

  • Superior electrical and physical protection
  • Entirely watertight
  • Easy installation
  • Quick connect – disconnect
  • Versatile application
  • Provides proper phase sequence
We offer engineering solutions to clients to the demands of the power sector and industrial clients.
  • Substation 11kV to 245kV
  • Medium voltage switchgear and sub-station
  • Low voltage switchgear panels
  • Control schemes & schematics
Study/ drafting/ design of technical specifications and drawings