They promised to call home together with her immediately following relationship

Chitoge decides to maybe not return to Bonyari with Raku Ichijo as the she alternatively subsequent her career since fashion designer under guidance away from Hana Kirisaki’s (Chitoge’s mommy) friend, touring around the world. Raku and you can Chitoge intend to get married fundamentally therefore try indicated that they hadn’t kissed even after up until prior to the engagement.

Since it is hopeless for Raku to go to many other country, let-alone travelling worldwide, on account of his occupation as municipal slave and you can Yakuza frontrunner, it may be thought you to definitely Chitoge compensated within the Bonyari too (on the other hand together with her mom just who mainly live broke up from the woman husband).

New omake brings up an individual so you’re able to Haku Ichijo (Chitoge’s kid), who does not seem to be an excellent with individuals possesses an effective equivalent problem with this new Shuei clan just like the his father did. The guy likewise has blonde locks for example his mother’s. They are viewed planning to Bonyari Senior school and you may seemingly have removed a preference to help you Sasa Miyanagi (Kosaki Onodera’s girl).

Abilities [ ]

Swimming: Chitoge has proven getting a great swimmer inside part 10 where she and you may Raku is actually invited to educate Kosaki swimming. Chitoge swims the complete pool within 15 moments ultimately causing Raku to say that the woman is as well complex to teach Kosaki accurately. Ironically, she immediately following block off cramp whenever she went swimming instead of warming-up first. Raku after that stored her.

Peak People Fuel: Chitoge is educated mind-protection as children, developed by the girl practice of playing with this lady mafia people. The woman punches and kicks to the Raku was unbelievably solid, netting her new moniker “Gorilla Woman” out of Raku, despite the fact that are seen way more while the an effective ‘joke’. This energy, but not, is actually demonstrated real during the Kyushu/Marika’s arch, when the woman is seen with the capacity of tossing Raku (men regarding bigger pose than the lady) that flooring upward.

Above-Average Strength: Chitoge has never been viewed sick out-of exercises, able to manage in the regular rate beside Raku (who is running that have complete effort despite individuals barrier).

Above-Average Agility: Chitoge is viewed effortlessly hiking houses, coming inside off window to your one or two occasions. She plus leapt more than a wall structure one to Raku got told you try too high for everyone to help you ascend to their earliest appointment.

Above-Mediocre Cleverness: Chitoge often is stated as skilled and you will prodigious; she can see a beneficial grades actually with very little hookup zarejestruj siД™ energy. Element of it is attributed to their earlier studies when you look at the top college or university of You, yet not she is seen able to perform Hana’s operate in 50 % of time whenever other Us citizens you need 3 days.

Effective Metabolic rate: Chitoge normally sit thin even with dinner a great deal, while the section she takes are exaggerated since the a tale.

Working with Animals: However, there are a couple of dogs whom hate Chitoge, e.g: Marika’s parrot, and you may a puppy she once found (whom hated the girl at first however, concerned love this lady), she is proven to be extremely ready that have pets. Such as for instance, she actually is listed getting already been looking after a great capybara at the a pet security for some time, and you can detailed once the an expert because of the Raku Ichijou whenever she eliminated an effective crocodile from that have a fit.

Tiredness [ ]

Preparing enjoy: Regarding show, Chitoge are proven to make things that will always be terrible inside physical appearance, nevertheless preference should be similarly dreadful/inedible otherwise miraculously juicy. The most emphasize is in chapter 116, where she tries to outclass Marika Tachibana because of the conquering the girl preparing however, looks like having too many downfalls. It had been revealed that the girl preparing will get juicy when she produces they that have Raku planned, otherwise whenever she will make it together with your.

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