The break - through of the Vacuum switching principle was essentially due to the development of an Interrupter that made it possible to use the vacuum circuit breaker for all the switching functions in system operation. It was the result of research on the arc quenching effects, on the most suitable material to be used and design and construction. The advantages offered by the vacuum switching principle make it the most economically efficient at present and the breaker superior to other designs:

• Constant dielectric.
• Constant contact resistance.
• High total current switching.
• High reliability.

Salient Features:

• Provided with all essential interlocks.
• Reliable operation.
• Rigid design.
• Compact.
• Guaranteed voltage withstand.
• Uncomplicated and maintenance free Mechanism -AB100.
• With CT and PT (optional) with integral support structure.


Circuit Breaker poles

Circuit breaker consists of motor or manual charged spring operating mechanism with 3 individual Vacuum interrupters housed in porcelain housing actuated by common drive linkage arrangement housed in fabricated support channels. Full circuit breaker is supported by a steel channel structure which is housing the mechanism at easy operating level from the ground.

The breaker has very high mechanical and electrical operating strengths.

Due to the simplicity of design the VCB is totally maintenance free.
Breakers are ideally suitable for Arc furnace duties in addition to the feeder transformer capacitor bank etc.


AB100 Mechanism used with vacuum breaker is of robust and reliable simple design. The linkages are easily accessible incase maintenance is required. Stored energy by the spring is used for closing and tripping operations. Spare charge is also possible for auto-re closure applications.