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A bond Strands is in the field of manufacture of unitized package substations. The unitized package substation is a state-of-the-art system which simplifies conventional substation design. Though, the concept is new in India, use of such package substations has been an accepted practice in distribution networks in Europe for several years.

Custom-Built designs such as required for constant mobility involving frequent shifting from place to place like in off-shore drilling area etc. can be offered. This offers a high flexibility of providing power supply points without much difficulty.

A high degree of safety and operational reliability are achieved by carefully selecting the associated HT & LT switchgear along with the dry type resin cast transformer provided with suitable thermistors and controllers for protecting the transformers from overloading.

Salient Features of Unitized Package Sub Stations:

Apart form economy ,the following are the main advantages of package substations:

• Reduced fire risk by eliminating oil-filled transformers, ensuring safety when installed in chemically hazardous places   like petrochemical complexes, drilling platforms, etc.
• Reduced electrical losses in cable runs especially LV side, since these packages substations can be located exactly   at the load centre.
• Reduced on site cable costs because the transform is directly connected to the LV switchboard.
• Simplified contractual procedures by single sourcing of complete substations.
• Reduced weight compared with other designs of equipment performing the same function.
• Because these are fully factory assembled units, mounting on the site-prepared foundation is easy.


While placing order for a unitized package substation the following details are required.

• KVA rating and ratio of transformer
• Arrangement of HV Switchgear
• Arrangement of HV Switchgear