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In our quest for continuous improvement and expansion, we are proud to introduce a range of On Load Tap Changers to the market .

A tap changer is a connection point selection mechanism device along a power transformer winding that allows a variable number of turns to be selected in discrete steps. A transformer with a variable turns ratio is produced, enabling stepped voltage regulation of the output. The tap selection may be made via an automatic or manual tap changer mechanism.

We have the voltage rating from 11kV to 132kV. The design is of high technical standard combining dependability, reliability and marketability.

The salient features of A Bond Strands OLTC's are

• High operating reliability
• Easy maintenance and robust construction
• Simple Drive Mechanism
• Economy in design

Our externally mounted on load tap changers combine indigenous modular design with modern manufacturing methods to give a very versatile product to the market.

We have a unique design of high speed operation for coarse – fine / reverser selector, which will meet all our customer's needs. This has enabled us to operate within a simple design and reduce the number of components used.

Our components are robust and not brittle in nature. Therefore no transit damage due to internal transit handling and hazardous road conditions will occur. We have only 200 components to cater to our entire range of five models.

Our product range :

1. 11kV -200A-9 - Pos. – Linear
2. 11kV -200A-17- Pos. – Linear
3. 33kV -200A-9 - Pos. – Linear
4. 33kV -200A-17 - Pos. – Linear
5. 33k V-200A-17S - Pos. – Coarse Fine / Reverser

• We are fully type tested as per IS 8468

• Our OLTC's has reasonably sized side flange, so that we can replace entire power switch components without dismantling the OLTC from the transformer and hence easy to service at site.

• Our OLTC tanks are powder coated to 100 micron thickness so that they are scratch proof and long lasting.
• We have a full complement of machine and fabrication facilities with inhouse powder coating. Also we have an insulation division to make all the insulating components of epoxy andfibre glass .

• We also have a comprehensive high voltage test lab to undertake all the necessary testing.