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A Bond Strands has been a pioneer in the manufacture of glass fibre filament wound products and pipes for more than two decades. Filament winding is a precision winding method with which almost any form and dimension can be made from resin impregnated filaments of glass fibre(Originated from the rocket technology and development of the space program , this method finds entry in increasing measure in many fields of engineering and technology).

With the help of Filament-Winding -Method, we get a material which possesses the specific gravity of magnesium with the strength of steel and corrosion resistance of plastics at the same time very good electrical and dielectric properties.

General Application:

• Pipes for transmission-effluent disposal.
• Marine applications-floating boom, dredging pipes
• Defense applications-Missile shells.
• Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Pulp & Paper industry -components such as FRP Shells,    Boards etc.
• Transport industry-Tankers for transport of Chemicals, acids, etc.
• Electrical applications.

Salient Features:

• Effective substitute for steel pipes
• Manufactured with or without an impermeable core with laminate    orientations from 30 °C to 75 °C
• Outer Diameter accurately machined wherever necessary
• Light weight, high strength
• Anti-Corrosive properties with proper lining
• Easy to install
• True cost saving


• Ultimate tensile hoop stress 27 kg/mm.sq.
• Ultimate longitudinal tensile stress 8 kg /mm sq.
• Specific gravity 1.8 to 2
• Heat Distortion temperature 100 °C
• Test Pressure 70 kg./mm.sq

Range: Over 25 mm to 100 mm and to a maximum length of 100 metres.

Products for Electrical / Special Applications

A Bond~Strands Pvt.Ltd. are pioneers in developing glass fibre epoxy filament wound products for the electrical industry. We have also specialised in replacing damaged insulating parts like insulators, bushings etc. For imported as well as indigenous switchgear for various electricity boards and other private users. This has saved enormous costs in replacing the old equipment with new equipment.

Applications in Electrical Industry:

• Vacuum Switchgear
• Tap changer
• Oil Switchgear
• SF6 Switchgears
• Transformers
• Generators
• Drive links,
• support rods
• On-load Tap Changers
• operating rods
• Drive shafts
• Oil compartments
• Tie rods
• Arc Chambers
• switching lever
• Winding cylinder
• core bolt shrouds
• 11 kv bushings-110 MVA

Specifications of filament wound fiber glass cylinders for Electrical Applications.

• Bulk density 1.8 to 2.0 grams/cm cube
• Flexural Strength 25 kg/mm 2 minimum
• Impact Strength 100 kg/cm2 minimum
• Tensile strength 20 kg/mm 2 minimum
• Comprehensive strength 12 kg/mm 2 minimum
• Water Absorption 1.0% maximum
• Voltage withstand across 25 mm of surface 40kv in oil
• Insulation resistance 10-12ohms
• Dielectric constant 5
• Max. Temperature for 4 hour operation 130 degree centigrade.
• co-efficient of linear expansion 15 x10-4 in/in/deg . Centigrade.

Special Applications:

A Bond Strands Pvt. Ltd. with its expertise in FRP technology also develop products to meet customers specific need. We welcome undertaking development of even one off jobs. We work in close conjunction with the customer and are prepared to design, develop and supply equipment to meet customers’ specific requirement and specification or drawings. This is particularly useful in the area of import substitution where we develop products for a fraction of the imported cost.

Some of the special application we have developed are :

• Floating Booms oil containment barriers in sea ports for polluting control
• Missile cylinders for defence applications.
• Alignment of bearing for coal handling equipment using epoxy flooring for battery rooms.
• Roof and from end cable in FRB for automobile trucks and bus body.
• Fibreglass tubes for pneumatic valve actuators.
• Large insulators for isolating vibration over the screen for electrostatic precipitator.
• Core packets for 400 KV reactors.