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A Bond - Strands Pvt. Ltd., is in the field of manufacture of various cast epoxy resin components for more than two decades. Our facility has a full component of equipment for casting under high vacuum and using pressure gellation technique to produce void free epoxy castings of high quality to suit very critical high voltage applications.

The standard items we manufacture are:

• Insulators
• Bushings
• Seal off Bushings
• Roof Bushings
• Terminal Boards
• Insulating Supports
• Wall through FRP Bushings

Our standard make of insulators is for use in 11kV systems and bushings for 36kV systems.
We also manufacture to customer’s specific higher rating needs.

Special Features:

• Light weight and less bulky
• Leak proof Encapsulation of metal conductors
• Ideal substitute for porcelain in indoor applications
• Adequate electrical clearances & creepage distance provided for.
• Conductor of aluminum/ brass / copper / silver plated wherever necessary.