CABLE ACCESSORIES   >>   Electrical turning joint / slipring assembly

A Bond~Strands manufactures electrical turning joints and slipring assemblies suitable for use in various applications. They are used when power is transmitted through a cable to a rotating member of an equipment to avoid causing twist and fatigue to the cable.


• Earth Moving Equipment
• Mine Face Cutting
• Rotary Cranes
• Jib and Stacker Cranes
• Excavaters
• Cable reeling drum


• Twisting of cables avoided.
• Fatigue of cables avoided.
• Continuous conductivity ensured.

Salient Features:

• Used as Original equipment in L & T Poclain, BEML, HEC Ranchi. Hindustan Motors.
• Compact.
• Easy Installation.
• Rugged in design.
• Weather Proof.
• Vermin Proof.
• Uses electrically tested high grade epoxy insulators.
• Space heater provided.


• 3.3 Kv 400 A
• 6.6 Kv 600 A
• Any other rating can be matched on request.