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A Bond Strands is engaged in the field of design and manufacture of Medium voltage ring main units (RMU)-12kV and 24kV. Ring Main units with Tee-Off fuse switch units, are the compact distribution panels designed to cover the switching duties which is a vital part of any distribution network. The compactness of design make these RMUs highly suitable for compact stations such as in rural supply systems. The panel is also used as part of distribution panels in ordinary distribution stations of industry or electricity boards. The metal enclosure of the panel ensures IP4X protection class as a standard to prevent accidental contact with live parts. However, for special applications, better protection class also can be supplied, such as for Outdoor applications, installations in mines etc. .

Salient Features of RMU

• Sheet Metal enclosed & custom built
• Three pole breaking
• Air as insulation medium
• Quick make, quick break manual operation
• Possibility of easy renewal of fuse
• Mechanical interlock
• Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
• Easy to extend at site
• Trip-all phases for fuse tripping


1. Type of RMU -No. of switch /fuse feeders
2. Indoor/Outdoor application
3. Provision of earth switch
4. Finish (unless specified our standard shade is light gray)
5. Optional extras like fuses, auxiliary contacts , shunt release etc.
6. Mimic Diagram(optional)
7. Special requirements like metering/protection equipment.
8 Whether remote operation (Motor operation) is required.