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This capacitor switch, depending on the load pattern, will close or open automatically and connect or disconnect the capacitor bank to the lines. The capacitor switch provides not only reactive power compensation at overload current, but also prevents over-voltage problem at the receiving end during light load conditions by switching "on" and "off" the capacitor bank in the circuit respectively.

Features of Capacitor Switch:

 Automatic switching -on of the capacitor bank whenever the load current exceeds a re-set value. The setting of load current is adjustable upto 150 amps, continuously. An on time delay of 5 minutes is provided each time the capacitor is required to be connected. The capacitor bank is automatically disconnected if the line current is reduced below a specified level.

 Automatic switching off the capacitor bank whenever the control voltage is beyond the minimum and maximum limits. i.e. 240 volts -15 % to 10%.

 In the event of line current exceeding a certain specified limit, the CT mounted on Y phase operates through the control unit and closing command is given to the closing solenoid which closes the interrupter, thereby connecting the capacitor bank in the circuit and thus improving the power factor. When line current is reduced, to a specified value control, unit gives a tripping command to the trip coil thereby disconnecting the capacitor bank. The power to the closing solenoid and tripping coil is also taken from the control transformer secondary.