Ramlinga Raya Reddy
Managing Director

He is a Master of Business Administration (U.S.A). After an academic stint in the U.S, he joined ABSP. He shoulders the portfolio of marketing and operational management of the company for the past 24 years.

Dr. G. Vivekanand

A Member of Parliament in the 15th Lok Sabha

Managing Director of 550 crores M/s. Visaka Industries, a well –recognised captain of industry and lends management expertise and advice.  

M. Venugopal Naidu
General Manager - Bangalore Operations

A Graduate Electrical Engineer from “Bangalore University” with specialization in Electrical Designs (Rotating machines). An Associate member of Indian Institute of Engineers.(AMIE). He joined NGEF Ltd. (Collaborates M/s.AEG Telefunken W.G) during 1972 and worked for more than 26 years in marketing, at H.O. central sales division and various Regional Sales Offices.

He joined ABS during Jan 2001 for marketing of all products of A.Bond Strands group of companies.


People have been the key to the success of the group and today the group employs over 150 people in various capacities. Administration is looked after by 25 personnel and 40 technically qualified staff supervise production, line inspection, final inspection and of course sales and service.